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Our eyelash adhesives consistently perform to the standards of private label and brand owners.

They are flexible, long-lasting, and developed with consumers in mind. Our eyelash adhesives are made to the highest quality standards manufactured under ISO 13485 and have passed ISO 10993-5 medical-grade testing. They also can be customized to accommodate sensitivities to touch and smell. We will work with you to develop a customized, fast-setting adhesive that consistently meets your specifications for eyelash extensions, strip lashes, and do-it-yourself (DIY) lashes.

Eyelash Extension Adhesives

For our eyelash extensions, we use only high purity cyanoacrylates. Our portfolio of lash extension adhesives is expertly formulated to target six attributes, including sensitivity, set speed, odor, flexibility, wear life, and color. We can modify any of these attributes in our products to meet your specifications.

We understand salons operate to meet the ever-changing needs of the clients. Our products can be ordered and delivered in short lead times and with minimal freight costs. 
While salon customers would love to have their eyelash extensions last forever, eyelashes naturally grow, fall out and replace themselves in a six- to 10-week cycle. Because eyelash artists often adhere lash extensions to the strongest and not necessarily youngest lashes, eyelash extension adhesives routinely have a four-week lifecycle. Our experts are constantly working on new and improved formulas, such as a rubber-toughened, no odor eyelash extension adhesive. This unique ethoxyethyl-based cyanoacrylate can be customized for your specific requirements.

Strip Lash and DIY Lash Glue

Our clear and black DIY and strip lash adhesive formulas are manufactured to meet medical-grade cytotoxicity test standards, making them ideal for use on sensitive skin and eyes. Our water-based solutions are formulated with our unique polymer, and, just like our cyanoacrylate extension glues, can be specially formulated for your application method. These strong, water-resistant formulas can be used to apply strip lashes, also called falsies, to the top of the lash line on your eyelids, as well as to apply faux eyelash clusters directly to the underside of your top lashes near the lash line for longer wear time – up to 5x longer than standard strip eyelash adhesives.

Whether you are looking for a clear, fast-setting adhesive for long, colored lashes or a black, long-lasting adhesive for everyday lashes, we can provide you with a consistent quality adhesive. Our expertise in adhesives and partnership will let you focus on your brand. We can provide you with products in bulk for use in your unique packaging or application type. We also can provide pre-packaged products in tubes and brush-on.

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  • Premier rubber toughened formula offering unsurpassed flexibity and maximum performance on vibtration, impact, and heat
  • Most popular for lash extension
  • Ethyl-based cyanoacrylate with long-lasting adhesion
  • Rubber toughened for flexibility
Technology Documentation
Used for speakers, automotive, medical and general assembly volume and cluster lash
Cyanoacrylate | Instant Adhesives | Reactive Chemistry


  • Specifically formulated for sensitive eyes
  • Low Odor
  • Only product on market which is 100 ethoxyethyl rubber toughened cyanoacrylate
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Used for longer wear sensitive eyes
Cyanoacrylate | Reactive Chemistry

SBR 105

  • Formulated for volumecluster lash applications
  • Fast Bonding 1-3 seconds depending on environmental humidity
  • Mild odor
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SBR 105
Used for volume cluster lash applications
Cyanoacrylate | Reactive Chemistry

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